1. A century's eyewitness: the history of Takow Port
  2. Revisiting 1879: in search of the story of the British Consulate at Takow
  3. The Street view in front of the Consulate
  4. The negotiations between the British consul Gibson and the Ching authority, Circuit Intendants Sian-De Zeng
  5. British medical missionary, Maxwell
  6. British consul Swinhoe on a biological survey trip
  7. Takow News

British consul Swinhoe on a biological survey trip

RobertSwinhoe (1836-1877) was the first British vice consul and consul general inTaiwan. During his terms in the consulate, Britain had promoted his consularposition from vice consul to consul general. With his eager recommendation, theconsulate office had moved from Tainan to Danshuei and then to Takow. He made apioneering contribution to the general affairs of the British Consulate inTaiwan. In addition to his well-known diplomatic career, Swinhoe was aprominent biologist. In his spare time he often went to various areas tocollect samples of new species and published the findings in Britain. ManyTaiwanese species were named after his last name such as Swinhoe's brown frog(Odorrana swinhoana), Swinhoe’s japalura (Japalura swinhonis) and Swinhoe'sPheasant (Lophura swinhoii). The fame of the Formosan Rock-Monkey was also dueto his dedication. He sent a sample to the British Museum where it wasdiscovered, after being matched and verified, that it is an endemic Taiwanspecies. The Formosan Rock-Monkey from Chaishan, Takow, therefore became one ofthe best symbols of Taiwan internationally.


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