1. A century's eyewitness: the history of Takow Port
  2. Revisiting 1879: in search of the story of the British Consulate at Takow
  3. The Street view in front of the Consulate
  4. The negotiations between the British consul Gibson and the Ching authority, Circuit Intendants Sian-De Zeng
  5. British medical missionary, Maxwell
  6. British consul Swinhoe on a biological survey trip
  7. Takow News

A century's eyewitness: the history of Takow Port

The theme of the exhibition is the Port. As a result of the Treaty of Tianjin, Takow port was opened; the Former British Consulate at Takow was established, signifying that Takow port had become one of the major international ports for trading. The vicissitudes of the Consulate corresponded with the prosperity and the development of the Port of Kaohsiung at different periods of time. As the exhibition hall is located in the Consular Residence on the hill, which overlooks the entire area of the Port, the theme of the exhibition therefore focuses on the Port's history, which would echo the narratives of scenes at the Consulate at the foot of the hill. The contents of the exhibition include stories of the former glory in various periods of time such as the opening of the Port in the late Ching dynasty, the construction of the Port during the Japanese colonial period, and the expansion and development of the Port in the Republic of China period. 

The layout of the exhibition is based on the timeline of history. To help visitors grasp the more than a century's fascinating stories of the opening of the port of Kaohsiung, there are scale models, old maps, artifacts, films, old photographs and historical research documents exhibited. The exhibition space is divided into three sections: Takow port scale model, replicas of artifacts and a display wall area.


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