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Number one brand British afternoon tea‧Creative ArtRose House was founded in 1990. The founder is a renowned artist, Mr. Teng-Huei Huang. Being Taiwan's largest British tea shop chain and the number one afternoon tea brand, Rose House set up a branch in London in 2001. In 2008 the first flagship restaurant was set up in Queens, New York. In 2010 Rose House expanded its market to Japan, Australia, Canada (Vancouver), etc. In 2013, it was stationed at the Former British Consulate at Takow in Kaohsiung. The rose oil paintings created by the founder, Mr. Teng-Huei Huang, are being printed on the front covers of an international visa card and Japan's JCB card, being the first Chinese artist that has attained this honor. He was one of the porcelain designers for the British Prince William's wedding. Presently, his works have been collected by more than 80 countries’ collectors and have achieved excellent results in international auctions. Rose House not only is the biggest British tea shop chain, but has been acknowledged as the most recognized of the cultural and creative industries in Taiwan.

【Consulate Garden】
The silhouette of trees sways in the breeze. To totally relax and refresh your body and mind, come and luxuriate in a glass of "Consulin Rose Water"! 

【Consular Residence Afternoon Tea Lounge】
The authentic British style afternoon tea, personally set up by the British afternoon tea ambassador, Ms. An, is served in Victoria Lounge and George V Lounge, which also feature exquisite French set menus created by the head chef. Immerse yourself in an elegant classy consular residence atmosphere as if turning back the clock to the time when the consul and his wife lived in the 19th century. The time and place thus intertwine.

【Consular Residence Afternoon Tea -Sea View Veranda】
Gaze at the infinite sea view or luxuriate in the most romantic sunset over the sea, and pamper yourself in the reflective tranquility... Consulin's afternoon tea is the most authentic British afternoon tea with original imperial flavor, sophisticatedly pleasing your taste buds.


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